Collection: Whyte Carbon Shafts

Whyte Carbon shafts are produced with a  totally unique process offering the latest in composite tubular process technology and materials. Our seamless shaft constructions feature uniform bending properties and radial symmetry which lowers ball deflection and offers significantly more predictability than the traditional wood or carbon shafts currently in the marketplace.

Our shafts are processed from a single bundle of carbon fiber for a true seamless construction that eliminates the inconsistencies as compared to traditional “sheet wrap” construction that leaves a seam along the entire shaft length.

Get it Your Way

Our standard shafts offer a great deal of customizability. Select the color, length, stiffness, and balance point to create a cue that's just right for you. Want to take it a step further? We offer a complete custom program that allows you to designate the overall weight and balance point as well!

Go Full Custom
  • Whyte Carbon Seamless Construction:

    Seamless manufacturing is performed utilizing programmable, automated carbon fiber placement which creates shafts with radial symmetry and consistency from shaft to shaft in production.

  • Traditional Sheet-Wrapped Construction:

    Utilizes sheets of material to form the structure. Inherently, there is always some level of overlap which prevents radial symmetry. Sheet wrapping is a manual process verses an automated process and is prone to inconsistencies.

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  • Whyte Carbon Seamless Construction:

    Our unique construction method provides uniform stiffness and consistent deflection regardless of cue rotation giving you the ultimate in predictability, allowing you to further hone your skills.

  • Traditional Sheet-Wrapped Construction:

    A seam in the carbon fiber is inevitable using this method, resulting in inconsistent flex depending on the orientation of the shaft. The lack of predictability generated leaves you guessing where that shot will go.

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Why Is Our Process Superior?

Automated fiber placement creates consistency from part to part

Each and every Whyte Carbon shaft is produced to the same exacting standards, so there's no "luck of the draw" to determine the performance of any given shaft.

Proprietary two step process to maximize shaft stability

If our unique process was limited to just the carbon fiber structure, it would be easy to reproduce and our cues wouldn't perform to your high standards. The internal structure of the shaft takes our already revolutionary product and pushes it into the sublime.

Radial Symmetry for Low and Predictable Ball Deflection

Orientation of the cue is a thing of the past with our total radial symmetry. No more woodgrain to worry about with wooden cues or seams in composite cues. No matter how your cue is oriented, the structure and performance are identical.

Seamless Construction featuring Whyte Micro Compression Technology

A seam in other brands' carbon fiber shafts may seem like a mere cosmetic issue, but an inconsistent cross section will absolutely and drastically negatively affect ball deflection consistency. Our method eliminates all of this.

Dynamic Stiffness Rating System

Each of our cues has a dynamic stiffness rating, allowing you to choose the cue that best fits your style of play.

Multi-Density Vibration Damping System 

A major drawback of carbon fiber shafts has always been their high-tensile, vibration-transmitting characteristics due to the nature of the material. Our internal vibration damping system solves this problem once and for all.

Low Friction Coatings

Regardless of the color, all Whyte Carbon shafts are finished with an ultra-low friction coating to ensure a smooth shot.

Multi-Density Fill Pattern

- Multi-Density damps high frequency carbon vibrations.

- Provides uniform feel regardless of hit location on the cue ball.

- feels like wood, performs like carbon.

“feels like wood, performs like carbon”.

Whyte Carbon Shafts have that solid “buttery feel” with every shot.